Golden Visa to disappear, but Gold Visa, Platinum Visa and Black Visa to stay… 

Affluent people do not purchase because of the Golden Visa.  Last April the 8th the disappearance of the Golden Visa was announced: this was a means of access the Spanish residency when more than half a million euros are invested in property. 

From our experience at Asergoi, the measure of eliminating the Golden Visas will not have an impact in the Guipuzcoan property market. Numbers speak for themselves: only in Guipuzcoa were there six Golden Visas granted during the last year, nevertheless, more than 6300 real estate sales were recorded. 

The motivations of foreign investors

Foreign investors’ incentives at a private level are different to the Golden Visa procurement and are more based on what Euskadi can offer as a claim to invest in property. Green mountains as far as the eye can catch, beautiful and uncrowded beaches, and an unparalleled cuisine not only because of its quality, but also because of its innovation. A wide and interesting cultural and fun agenda, charming villages and cities, security in the streets, a very nice climate and a great quality of life, are only a few of the incentives for foreign investors to purchase a second residence to come here or to retire. 

From Asergoi Properties we believe it is more than enough so that foreigners and national residents are interested in acquiring a property in our beloved Euskadi. 

How to acquire a property in Euskadi without the Golden Visa

Moreover, there are other ways to achieve residency or different visas to be able to live and work in Euskadi. Our next entry we will explain some of them; however, should you be interested in obtaining information of the steps to invest in property and live and work in the Basque Country, please do not hesitate to contact us, and we will endeavor to help and assist with all that you may need. We are a Real Estate Personal Shopper team which will assist with all the processes, from advising to search and contract dealings. 

Golden Visas will be removed, but there will still be the Visa Gold, Visa Platinum, Black Signature Visa… this means that while the will to travel and enjoy life exists, the Visa will remain existing… 

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