Euskadi’s football: international display… 

Two years ago, it was La Real winning, and now, after 40 years, it was time for the Athletic. 

The real emotion experienced when people are one and in a single color is just amazing. 

During the last few weeks there will be many people who will have felt this sensation. And expected, because the reason for it is pure joy. A happiness that had not been felt in 40 years, perhaps one or two generations ago. 

And there are expansion waves. Whilst Euskadi is dressed in red and white, the team has been classed by international media as “unique in the world”. The people, loyal, offered an “incredible support with great emotion moments”, with a “never seen before celebration”. 

There have been many foreigners as well as locals whose lives have taken them to different locations who came back to feel and support such feat. 

Let us make a note of those expansion waves. A note of how something like football has got followers at international level and how Euskadi is more present than we imagine across borders. 

Because it is human nature to want to belong. And is there anything cleaner than the spiritual union felt in this Copa del Rey? Sevillians will remain eternally grateful for what this final has meant for their coffers. The media coverage has been able to capture images worth a thousand words. 

Let us not forget this unity and this belonging to something so good anytime soon. 

And let us hope that the expansion waves will last long too. And also the fact that people will be willing to come to Euskadi to experience the way of life, the way to help each other, the way it feels… 

No doubt at Asergoi we shall help you to reach this yearning and find a place to call home where you will always be able to return no matter where life takes you. Come to Euskadi. Come to Asergoi

(Photo EFE) 

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